CVMP2010 Highlights

Keynote Speakers
Dan Piponi ILM
Dr.Aljoscha Smolic - Disney Research, Zurich
James Knight - Motion Capture

Invited Speakers
John Fletcher, BBC
David Spilsbury, MPC
Andy Lomas, The Foundry
Wolfgang Lemp, FilmLight
Johannes Steurer - ARRI's new 3D Camera
Bruno Nicoletti - The Foundry
Contributions from Research Projects: i3DPost, i3DLive, 3D4YOU, 2020 Media

Paper Session 1 - Multiview Capture and Processing
A system for distributed multi-camera capture and processing - Jim Easterbrook (BBC, UK), Oliver Grau (BBC, UK), Peter Schubel (BBC, UK)

CVMP2010-BBC.pdf (Adobe PDF - 339Kb)

Multiple view wide-baseline trimap propagation for natural video matting - Muhammad Sarim , Adrian Hilton, Jean-Yves Guillemaut, Hansung Kim, Takeshi Takai (University of Surrey).

CVMP10_Multiview.pdf (Adobe PDF - 2.65Mb)

Paper Session 2 Image Analysis 1
A Video Database for the Development of Stereo-3D Post-Production Algorithms, David Corrigan, Francois Pitie, Andrew Rankin, Mark Linnane, Gavin Kearney,Marcin Gorzel,Clive Lee, Anil Kokaram (Trinity College Dublin - Ireland), Mick O'Dea, (Rohal Hibernian Academy), Valerie Morris,(Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)

Robust motion estimation design methodology, Adrienne Heinrich (Philips Research), Chris Bartels (Eindhoven University of Technology), Rene van der Vleuten (Philips Research), Gerard Haan (Philips Research Laboratories, NL)
Virtual Camera Synthesis for soccer game replays, Nicolas Papadakis, Antonio Baeza, Ignasi Rius, Olivier D'Hondt, A.Bugeau, Pau Gargallo, (Barcelona Media) X.Armangue, Sergi Sagas (Media Pro) Vicent Caselles (Universitat Pompeu Fabra),
Stereo Matching Optimization by means of Texture Analysis - Donny Tytgat, Sammy Lievens, Erwin Six (Alcatel-Lucent, BE)
Smooth Kernel Density Estimate for Multiple View Reconstruction - Rozenn Dahyot, Jonathan Ruttle, Michael Manzke, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Temporal Alignment of 3D Video Sequences using Shape and Appearance - Christopher Budd, Adrian Hilton, University of Surrey
Automatic Acquisition of Time-Slice Image Sequences - Markus Kettern, Peter Eisert, Fraunhofer Institute - Heinrich Hertz Institute, DE
Thinking about 3D - design constraints for effective 3D interfaces - Alun Evans, Javi Agenjo, Marcelo Dematei , Marco Romeo, Josep Blat, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ES
HELIUM3D, a Laser-based Display with '3D+' Capability - Rajwinder Brar, Phil Surman, Ian Sexton, (De Montfort University), Klaus Hopf (FHHI)
Tracking and Clustering Salient Features in Image Sequences, Werner Bailer, Hannes Fassold, Felix Lee, Jakub Rosner (Joanneum Research, AT)
A Comprehensive Infrastructure and Workflow for Acquisition of High-resolution Multi-view Content - Werner Bailer, Christian Schober (Joanneum Research AT)
Thomas Brune, (Technicolor)
Unsupervised Motion Layer Segmentation by Random Sampling and Energy Minimization -Olivier D'Hondt, Barcelona Media ES, Vicent Caselles, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Paper Session 3 3D Model Capture
A notation based approach to film Pre-vis - Ajay Chakravarthy, Richard Beales (University of Southampton)
Samantha: towards automatic image-based model acquisition - Riccardo Gherardi, Roberto Toldo,Michela Farenzena,Andrea Fusiello (University of Verona, IT)
An exploration of non-tessellated 3D space carving for real-time 3D reconstruction of a person through a simulated process - Rob Aspin, David Roberts (University of Salford)

Paper Session - Image Analysis 2
HDR for Dynamic Scenes - Jan Kautz, Fabrizio Pece, University College London
High Resolution Image Correspondences For Video Post-Production - Christian Lipski, Christian Linz, Thomas Neumann, Marcus Magnor (TU Braunschweig, DE)
Prominence Driven Character Animation - Charlie Cullen (Dublin Institute of Technology, IE)
Camera Motion Style Transfer - Christian Kurz, Thorsten Thormaehlen, Hans-Peter Seidel (Max-Planck-Institut Informatik), Tobias Ritschel, Elmar Eisemann,(Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications)
Parametrised Animation of Mesh Sequences Dan Casas, Adrian Hilton and Jean-Yves Guillemaut (University of Surrey)
Space-time Editing of Mesh Sequences Margara Tejera, Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey)
Streaming Graphical Content for Highly Interactive 3D Applications Philipp Fechteler, Benjamin Prestele, Peter Eisert (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute, Berlin, Germany)
Human Motion Tracking in 3D Video P. Huang and A. Hilton (Centre for Vision Speech and Signal Processing, University of Surrey)
Sports Indexing Through Camera and Content Understanding P. Chippendale, A. Pnevmatikakis (Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy & Athens Information Technology)
Mobile Augmented Photography P. Chippendale, M. Zanin, C. Andreatta (Fondazione Bruno Kessler)
Fusion of Images Using Complementary Filters and Histogram Equalisation A. Gibb, G. A. Thomas (BBC Research)
Athlete Tracking using Affine Features Mykyta Fastovets, Jean-Yves Guillemaut, Adrian Hilton (CVSSP, University of Surrey)
Special Session Capturing and Processing of 3D Data
Contributions from Research Projects: i3DPost, i3DLive, 3D4YOU, 2020 Media

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