CVMP2012 Highlights

Google prize winner Rajvi Shah

The judges were split this year and couldn't decide on just one excellent paper so they chose two! Congratulations to Rajvi Shah &Vivek Kwatra for 'All Smiles: Automatic Photo Enhancement by Facial Expression Analysis' and Adolfo Lopez-Mendez & Josep Casas for 'Can our TV robustly understand human gestures?'.


one-cam is a new modular camera system originally designed by London VFX House 'one of us'.

A flexible set of hardware and software designed to give filmmakers the tools to do things that were previously complex, time-consuming or expensive without compromising on picture quality.

Tandent’s Trillien technology is transforming the way artists manipulate and use real world imagery to create game content and special effects for film. They will be demonstrating their Lightbrush technology.

Unlike many systems Ncam is capable of tracking any kind of camera, whether it’s on a crane, on a dolly steadicam or handheld, and Ncam does not require any kind of tracking markers or fiducials. Ncam is a portable system designed to work anywhere- on stage, on location, outside. Setup and calibration is quick and efficient and discreet, and involves minimal crew.

Real time markerless motion capture at every desk.
At CVMP we will be demonstrating the system live and let you try it out yourself. Stop by to see the future of facial mocap and get a free, time limited version of the software.

The aim of this project was to prototype a set of Nuke nodes to test the feasibility of using flash / non-flash camera pairs taken on set to provide albedo and depth for materials in asset creation.

These techniques provide tools to support the texture creation process. We will present the current state of the Nuke plugins and their capabilities

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