CVMP Highlights 2014-16

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2016 Keynote Speakers
Diego Gutierrez, Universidad de Zaragoza
Michael Black, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Mark Ardington, Double Negative Visual Effects
Dan Winn, YouTube VR

2016 Full Papers
1. Image-Based Relighting using Room Lighting Basis
2. Practical-HDR: A Simple and Effective Method for Merging High Dynamic Range Videos
3. Real-time Physics-based Motion Capture with Sparse Sensors
4. Deep Convolutional Networks for Markerless Human Pose Estimation from Multiple Views
5. EEG Based Analysis of the Perception of Computer-Generated Faces
6. Layer-based disparity adjustment in stereoscopic 3D media
7. Content and Metadata Workflow for User Generated Content in Live Production
8. Rank Reduced Alternative Matting Laplacian
9. Visibility of Motion Blur and Strobing Artefacts in Video at 100 Frames per Second

2015 Keynote Speakers
Lourdes Agapito, University College London
Sameer Agarwal, Google
Oliver James, Double Negative
Stuart Adcock, Industrial Light & Magic

2015 Full Papers
1. Capturing a Dynamic World from Monocular Video
2. Object Removal in Panoramic Media
3. Multi-camera system for depth based visual effects and compositing
4. Video-based Facial Re-Animation
5. Real-time Variable Rigidity Texture Mapping
6. HDR Image Noise Estimation for Denoising Tone Mapped Images
7. Multi-modal Video Concept Detection for Scalable Logging of Pre-Production
8. Unfolding the 8-Bit Era

2014 Keynote Speakers
William Freeman, MIT
Elmar Eisemann, TU delft
Damien Fagnou, MPC
Eoin Greenham & Rajat Roy, Prime Focus

2014 Full Papers
1. Bullet Time Using Multi-viewpoint Robotic Camera System
2. Realistic Retargeting of Facial Video
3. Athlete Pose Estimation by Non-sequential Key-Frame Propagation
4. Plasticine Shading
5. Saliency-based Parameter Tuning for Tone Mapping
6. Estimating Camera Intrinsics From Motion Blur
7. Advanced Video Debanding
8. Line-Preserving Hole-Filling for 2D-to-3D Conversion
9. Multi-Clip Video Editing from a Single Viewpoint
10. Web-Based Visualisation of On-Set Point Cloud Data
11. Interactive Video Asset Retrieval using Sketched Queries

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