Conference Programme

Thursday, 13 December 2018
08:45 Registration opens with Coffee and Posters
09:25 Chair’s Welcome
Abhijeet Ghosh (Conference Chair), Imperial College London
09:30 Industry Sponsors Talk:
Procedural Mesostructure Synthesis for Digital Materials
Tamy Boubekeur and Sébastien Deguy (Allegorithmic)
09:55 Paper Session 1: 3D
  • Lie Bodies Based 3D Shape Morphing and Interpolation
    Sumukh Bansal and Aditya Tatu
  • A Deep Learning Approach for Automatic Calibration of Wide Field-of-View Cameras
    Viktor Eckstein, Oleksandr Bogdan, Francois Rameau and Jean-Charles Bazin
10:45 Spotlight Session 1
  • Artistic Style Transfer to Light Fields
    Andrew Gibb and Florian Schweiger
  • A Method for Automatic Bas-relief Arrangement and Optimization
    Tingting Li, Meili Wang and Taku Komura
  • MegaParallax: 360° Panoramas with Motion Parallax
    Tobias Bertel, Neill Campbell and Christian Richardt
  • VFX Fractal Toolkit
    Juraj Tomori
  • Real-time 3D Smoke Simulation with Convolutional Neural Network-based Projection Method
    Valentin Miu and Oleg Fryazinov
  • Real-Time Monocular 4D Face Reconstruction using the LSFM models
    Mohammad Rami Koujan
  • Virtual Help Assistant
    Seyed Ahmad Hosseini
  • Practical Multispectral Imaging of Human Skin using RGBW+ Illumination
    Yuliya Gitlina, Daljit Singh J. Dhillon, Xiaoqing Huang, Giuseppe Claudio Guarnera and Abhijeet Ghosh
10:50 Coffee Break
11:15Keynote: Technology of Visual Storytelling
Wolfgang Lempp, FilmLight
12:15 Lunch, Demos and Short Papers
13:30 Industry Talks
14:45 Coffee Break
15:10Keynote: 3D Reconstruction and Understanding of the Real World
Matthias Nießner, Technical University of Munich
16:10 Paper Session 2: Simulation
  • Director’s Cut – A Combined Dataset for Visual Attention Analysis in Cinematic VR Content
    Sebastian Knorr, Cagri Ozcinar, Colm O Fearghail and Aljosa Smolic
  • Development of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Simulator Based on Unity Game Engine
    Jinglu Zhang and Jian Chang
17:00 Networking Reception
18:30 Conference Dinner
At BFI Bar & Kitchen (Benugo)
Friday, 14 December 2018
09:00 Registration opens with Coffee and Posters
09:20 Paper Session 3: Faces
  • Feature-Preserving Detailed 3D Face Reconstruction from a Single Image
    Yue Li, Liqian Ma, Haoqiang Fan and Kenny Mitchell
  • Combining Dense Nonrigid Structure from Motion and 3D Morphable Models for Monocular 4D Face Reconstruction
    Mohammad Rami Koujan and Anastasios Roussos
10:10 Spotlight Session 2
  • Tracking-Based Background Estimation for Object Segmentation and Video Inpainting
    Anthony D Rhodes
  • Multimodal Affective Pedagogical Agents for Different Types of Learners
    Nicoletta Adamo and Justin Cheng
  • Automatic Camera-Work Generation of Bullet-Time Video for Soccer Scene
    Yosuke Okada, Hidehiko Shishido, Yoshinari Kameda, Itaru Kitahara and Masaaki Koido
  • An Evaluation Framework for Dynamic Scene Acquisitions Using Multiple Stereo Cameras
    Christian Kapeller, Braulio Sespede, Matej Nezveda, Matthias Labschütz, Simon Flöry and Margrit Gelautz
  • A Post-processing Tool for Multi-view 2D-plus-depth Video
    Braulio Sespede, Florian Seitner and Margrit Gelautz
  • Efficient, High-Quality Static and Dynamic Facial Capture with a Light Stage
    Alexander Lattas, Mingqian Wang and Abhijeet Ghosh
  • Environment Reflections with 360-degree Videos using Omnidirectional Structure from Motion
    Joanna K Tarko and Christian Richardt
10:15 Coffee Break
10:40Keynote: The Promise, and Problems, of Deep Learning for Character (and other Content) Creation
J.P. Lewis, SEED, Electronic Arts
11:40 Industry Sponsors Session
  • What's new in Arnold?
    Frédéric Servant (Autodesk)
  • Corona Renderer and Architectural Visualization
    Jaroslav Křivánek (Render Legion)
12:30 Lunch, Demos and Short Papers
13:45 Paper Session 4: Video
  • Sequence Alignment with the Hilbert-Schmidt Independence Criterion
    Jordan Campbell, J.P. Lewis and Yeongho Seol
  • Method of Optimal Directions for Visual Tracking
    Oumaima Sliti
14:35 Keynote: How many pixels are too many?
Rafał Mantiuk, University of Cambridge
15:35 Coffee Break
16:00 Production Talk
I was a First-Time Filmmaker! Or: How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Our (Independent) Movie
Luke Kaile and Samuel Gridley (Blood & Tweed Films)
16:50 Prizes, Announcements and Close
17:00 CVMP Closing Drinks Reception
hosted by the CDE in the Blue Room