Conference Programme

Each session below is linked to:

  • a YouTube video stream (free without registration), and/or
  • a link to a Discord channel for discussion and networking (requires free registration).

Please note: All times are given in GMT (UTC+0).

Monday, 7 December 2020

09:00 Morning Coffee Networking
10:00 Chair’s Welcome
Christian Richardt (Conference Chair), University of Bath
10:10 Paper Session 1: Learning
  • Neural Face Models for Example-Based Visual Speech Synthesis
    Wolfgang Paier, Anna Hilsmann and Peter Eisert (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute)
  • Constant Velocity Constraints for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
    Hang Zhou, David Greenwood, Sarah Taylor and Han Gong (University of East Anglia)
11:00 Keynote: Immersive Art and Healthcare
Sarah Ticho, Founder of Hatsumi, producer at Deep and Healthcare Lead at Immerse UK
12:00 Networking Lunch Break
13:00 Themed Networking Sessions
  • AR/MR/VR/XR – Motion estimation, Video and camera tracking, Segmentation and matting, Applications
  • Chaired by: Stuart James (IIT Genova)
  • Interactive Media – Games, Interaction, Real-time rendering, Level of detail (LOD)
  • Chaired by: Nigel Williams (Unity Technologies)
  • Scene Capture – 3D video capture and 3D-TV, Multiple camera systems, Omni-directional video, Real-time imaging systems, Scene modelling
  • Chaired by: Christian Richardt (University of Bath)
14:00 Industry Talk
The Future of Immersive Filmmaking, Behind the Scenes at Intel Studios
Philip Krejov (Software Architect)
14:20 Short Papers and Demo Session
15:00 Coffee Break with Q&A and Networking
16:00 Keynote: Light Fields, Light Stages, and the Future of Virtual Production
Paul Debevec, Senior Staff Scientist, Google Research
17:00 CDE Networking Reception
Held in Gather Town (announced in Discord).

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

09:00 Morning Coffee Networking
10:00 Paper Session 2: Production
  • High Fidelity Interactive Video Segmentation Using Tensor Decomposition, Boundary Loss, Convolutional Tessellations, and Context-Aware Skip Connections
    Anthony D. Rhodes and Manan Goel (Intel Corporation)
  • Image Decomposition using Geometric Region Colour Unmixing
    Mairead Grogan and Aljosa Smolic (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Exploring the Use of Skeletal Tracking for Cheaper Motion Graphs and On-Set Decision Making in Free-Viewpoint Video Production
    Andrew D. MacQuarrie and Anthony Steed (University College London)
11:00 Keynote: The Road to Realtime
Ben Radcliffe, Media & Entertainment Solutions Engineer, Unity Technologies
12:00 Networking Lunch Break
13:00 Themed Networking Sessions
  • Computational Photography – High-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging, Image and video synthesis, Image enhancement and restoration, Relighting images and video
  • Chaired by: Rafał Mantiuk (University of Cambridge)
  • Digital Humans – Character animation, Video-based animation, Video-based human motion capture
  • Chaired by: Darren Cosker (University of Bath)
  • Production Tools – Image/model/asset editing, Pre-visualization, Post-production using stereo, 3D and motion, Virtual production, Visual asset management
  • Chaired by: Neill Campbell (University of Bath)
14:00 Special Session on Virtual Production
  • Realtime-engine driven virtual production: An exploration of LED stages and volumetric extras
    Callum Macmillan (Technical Director and Co-Founder/CTO, Dimension Studio)
  • Pivoting my filmmaking career into Animation with Unreal Engine
    Hasraf Dulull (Director/Producer and Co-Founder, HaZ Films)
  • Omniverse
    Jeff Kember (NVIDIA)
15:00 Coffee Break with Q&A and Networking
16:00 Keynote: Perceiving Humans, Animals and Objects in the 3D World
Angjoo Kanazawa, UC Berkeley
17:00 Prizes, Announcements and Closing Remarks