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Thursday 1st December 2022
09:00 Registration opens with Coffee
09:30 Chairs’ Welcome
Marco Volino, University of Surrey and Rafał Mantiuk, University of Cambridge (Conference Co-Chairs)
09:40 Papers and Industry Talks Session 1: A Lovely View
  • Neural apparent BRDF fields for multiview photometric stereo
    Meghna Asthana, William A. P. Smith, Patrik Huber (University of York)
  • A wide-baseline multiview system for indoor scene capture
    Théo Barrios (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne), Cédric Niquin (XD Productions), Stéphanie Prévost (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne), Philippe Souchet (XD Productions), Céline Loscos (University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne)
  • Light Field GAN-based View Synthesis using full 4D information
    Abrar Wafa, Panos Nasiopoulos (University of British Columbia)
  • From fibers to pixels: SEDDI’s approach for scalable textile digitization
    Elena Garces (SEDDI)
11:00 Coffee Break
Poster presenters put up posters
11:30 Keynote: Lights, Camera, Climate Action!
Erik Reinhard, InterDigital
12:30 Spotlight Session
  • Rendering for Hyper-Realistic Displays: A Benchmark Study
    Akshay Jindal, Rafał Mantiuk (University of Cambridge)
  • Super-resolution 3D human digitization from a single low-resolution image
    Marco Pesavento, Marco Volino, Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey)
  • Reconstructing Multiple People and Objects from a Single Image
    Sarthak Batra (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur), Simon Hadfield (University of Surrey), Armin Mustafa (University of Surrey)
  • RealMonoDepth: Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation for General Scenes Best Short Paper Award
    Mertalp Ocal, Armin Mustafa, Adrian Hilton (University of Surrey)
  • A Deep Learning Based Tone Mapping Operator For 4K HDR Images Focusing On Color Accuracy And Artistic Intent
    Junbin Zhang, Yixiao Wang, Hamid Reza Tohidypour, Mahsa T. Pourazad, Panos Nasiopoulos (University of British Columbia)
  • Volumetric and User-Centric Rendering Techniques for Lens Flare and Film Grain in Virtual Reality Environments
    Johann Wentzel (University of Waterloo), Lesley Istead (Carleton University)
  • Learning Texture Transformer Network for Light Field Super Resolution
    Javeria Shabbir (Georgia Institute of Technology), M. Zeshan Alam (Brandon University), M. Umair Mukati (GN Jabra A/S)
  • Towards Production-Ready Machine Learning For Animation Cleanups
    Arun Leander Boudodimos, Lena Gieseke (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF)
  • Distance in the CLIP embedding space as a perceptual loss for fine-grained visual tasks
    Gianluca Berardi (University of Bologna), Yulia Gryaditskaya (University of Surrey)
  • An Introduction to the Virtual Autonomous Cinematography Environment
    Will Kerr, Wenbin Li, Tom S. F. Haines (University of Bath)
  • Automatic Real Time Camera View Switching in Multi-camera Setup for Ice Hockey Games: An Object Detection Approach
    Hamid Reza Tohidypour, Yixiao Wang, Mahsa T. Pourazad, Panos Nasiopoulos, Gurpreet Heir, DerinsolaIbikunle, Anthony Li, Fawaz Ahmed Saleem, Zhao-bang Luo (University of British Columbia)
  • High-Quality Variable Speed Video for Stationary Cycling
    Charles Malleson (University of Surrey)
  • Enabling Virtual Theatre: Two Technical Approaches for Live Distributed Performance
    Joe Geigel (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  • Demo: TONGA - a project and equipment management platform for educational film productions
    Michael Witt, Stefan Beckers (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF)
  • Demo: 3D VR Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval
    Ling Luo, Yulia Gryaditskaya, Tao Xiang, Yi-Zhe Song (University of Surrey)
  • Demo: Lumirithmic: Desktop-based High-Quality Facial Capture
    Yiming Lin (Lumirithmic), Jayanth Kannan (Lumirithmic), Ekin Oztur (Lumirithmic, Imperial College London), Luca Filipi (Lumirithmic), Gaurav Chawla (Lumirithmic), Abhijeet Ghosh (Lumirithmic, Imperial College London)
12:50 Lunch, Posters and Demos
14:30 Papers and Industry Talks Session 2: The Main and th' Aerial Blue
  • Generating real-time detailed ground visualisations from sparse aerial point clouds
    Aiden Murray, Scarlet Mitchell, Alexander Bradley (Cobra Simulation), Eddie Waite, Caleb Ross, Joanna Jamrozy, Kenny Mitchell (Edinburgh Napier University, Cobra Simulation)
  • Semantic Segmentation for Multi-Contour Estimation in Maritime Scenes
    Alastair J. Finlinson, Sotiris Moschoyiannis (University of Surrey)
  • Tragic Talkers: A Shakespearean Sound- and Light-Field Dataset for Audio-Visual Machine Learning Research
    Davide Berghi, Marco Volino, Philip J. B. Jackson (University of Surrey)
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Keynote: A New Era for the VFX Industry? – How DNEG Utilised Gaming Technology for The Matrix Resurrections
Ben Cowell-Thomas, DNEG
17:00 Networking Reception
sponsored by Niantic Labs
Friday 2nd December 2022
09:00 Registration opens with Coffee
09:30 Special Session: Delivering Stories through Light and Color
  • The Colour of Horror
    Lesley Istead (Carleton University), Andreea Pocol, Sherman Siu, William Chen, Alex Zdanowicz, Alex Rowaan, Craig Kaplan (University of Waterloo)
  • Model-Based Deep Portrait Relighting
    Frederik David Schreiber, Anna Hilsmann, Peter Eisert (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute)
  • LED Virtual Production - what the tutorials don’t tell you!
    Peter Kirkup (Disguise)
10:50 Coffee Break
11:20Keynote: Reimagining Design and Fabrication with Computational and Data-Driven Methods
Bernd Bickel, IST Austria
12:20 Lunch, Posters and Demos
14:00 Papers and Industry Talks Session 4: Touch-up Touch Down
  • Assessing Advances in Real Noise Image Denoiser
    Clément Bled, François Pitié (Trinity College Dublin)
  • U-Attention to Textures: Hierarchical Hourglass Vision Transformer for Universal Texture Synthesis
    Shouchang Guo (University of Michigan), Valentin Deschaintre (Adobe Research), Douglas C. Noll (University of Michigan), Arthur Roullier (Adobe)
  • Distilling Style from Image Pairs for Global Forward and Inverse Tone Mapping Best Full Paper Award
    Aamir Mustafa, Param Hanji, Rafał Mantiuk (University of Cambridge)
  • Capturing, Inferring and Applying Body Contact for Human-Scene Interaction Understanding
    Chun-Hao Paul Huang (Adobe)
15:20 Coffee Break
15:50 Keynote: Modeling attention and gaze behavior in immersive environments
Belen Masia, Universidad de Zaragoza
16:50 Prizes, Announcements and Closing
Marco Volino, University of Surrey and Rafał Mantiuk, University of Cambridge (Conference Co-Chairs)