CVMP Awards

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CVMP conference, we are pleased to announce the inaugural CVMP Technical Awards.

  • Research Impact Award

    Awarded to individual(s) who have performed key research that has later been taken by other third parties and used effectively in media production or product.


    Paul Debevec, High Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting

  • Collaboration Award

    Collaboration award represents joint effort on a dedicated project between individuals jointly across both academia and industry.


    The Gravitational Renderer

    • Project Lead: Oliver James - DNEG, London.
    • Scientific Advisor: Professor Kip Thorne - Walter Burke Institute for Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology.
    • Additional Software Development: Simon Pabst, Sylvan Dieckmann, Paul-George H. Roberts, Damien Maupu - DNEG, London.
  • Implementation Award

    Awarded to individual(s) who have taken academic research and then have pioneered in a timely manner a tool that implements that research in a novel way.


    Marcos Fajardo, Arnold Global Illumination Renderer