CVMP Awards

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the CVMP conference, we are pleased to announce the inaugural CVMP Technical Awards.

We are accepting applications for the following categories:

  • Research Impact Award - Online form

    Awarded to individual(s) who have performed key research that has later been taken by other third parties and used effectively in media production or product. Examples:

    • An author of a paper that has subsequently been used by a third party at a media company to develop a set of tools or effect used on production media.
    • Please note: This is not an award for a “best paper” – please see the CVMP “Calls for Submissions” section to submit a paper. This award is for the subsequent impact a research/paper has achieved.
    • The submission should suggest a reference (with mail address) to describe the impact.
  • Collaboration Award - Online form

    Collaboration award represents joint effort on a dedicated project between individuals jointly across both academia and industry. Examples:

    • Where an academic has been based at a company to create a tool used directly on production(s).
    • Grant based collaborations between academia and industry for media.
  • Implementation Award - Online form

    Awarded to individual(s) who have taken academic research and then have pioneered in a timely manner a tool that implements that research in a novel way. Examples:

    • Taking research and applying it in an original way to solve a problem that was not originally foreseen as an application.
    • Creating a tool that applies underlying research that provides a level of artistic control beyond the current state-of-the-art effective for media production.
The deadline for the applications: Friday, 10th November